GPA has 2 meanings
1. What does GPA stand for?

Grade point average

An acronym that refers to the average of a student's grades in school across all classes; may have different scales in different school systems; e.g., a 4.0 ("four point O") is a perfect GPA in many schools.


You have to have a really high GPA to get into that university

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Updated August 6, 2014
2. What is gpa short for?


Gpa is a somewhat common way to abbreviate "grandpa." Typically, people use gpa when discussing their own or someone else's grandfather, in chat and text messages.

For example, your mother might text you "Remember, it's gpa's bday this weekend." This is a reminder that your grandpa's birthday is coming up.

In some cases, however, people use gpa as an insult, just as they'd use grandpa. For example, if your GF thinks you go to bed too early, she may text you "OMG, you're such a gpa."


Gpa's grilling again this weekend, FYI
I'll be there!

Quick, while gpa's asleep

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Updated September 5, 2023

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