What does puks mean in messages?

Pick up the kids

A parent will send "puks" when reminding another person that they need to pick up the kids. For example, if a mom is about to enter a business meeting, she might send puks to her husband to remind him to pick up the kids from school.

The "puks" abbreviation shortens "pick up" as "pu" and "kids" as "ks." While it can come in handy, especially when on the go and texting, not many parents use the abbreviation, partially because it looks like "pukes."

Since puks is obscure, you may want to check with the sender if what they sent was a typo. Or, if you are responsible for kids at school, at practice, at a friend's house, etc., stop what you are doing and go pick up the kids already.


What time should I PUKS today?
When you are late to puks
When you are late to puks

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Updated June 6, 2022

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