What kind of mom is a SAHM?

Stay-at-home mom

A SAHM is a mom who stays at home, taking care of kids, also known as a "homemaker." You will likely see SAHM on social media or in parenting forums.

For example, your sister may post "The life of a SAHM" on Instagram with pictures and videos documenting the chaos of raising multiple kids full-time. Or, your wife may text you, "Sorry to bother you at work, but I'm so bored by the other SAHMs here. I needed a respite."

There are several other variations of the SAHM acronym that refer to different types of working or stay-at-home moms and dads. Examples include WAHM, SAHD, and WAHD.


Nancy is currently a SAHM who cares for her two- and three-year-old children
Cool. She liking it?
Depends on the day. :)
Clapback SAHM tweet for all the haters
Clapback SAHM tweet for all the haters

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Updated March 27, 2023

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