Dc has 3 meanings
1. What is dc short for?


Gamers use dc to note that they or another player has disconnected from an online game. For example, if you are playing LoL, and a player who appears to have been AFK sends a message saying "dc," it's likely that player actually got disconnected.

There are many reasons a player might get dc'd from a game, including:

  • The player's Internet connection cut out
  • The player's PC encountered a problem
  • The game's server dropped the player

While an untimely dc can cause you to lose a game, don't be too harsh on an ally who got dc'd. After all, they're likely just as upset about their dc as you are.


Wait before you attack because he just dc'd and needs to log back on

A man who wants you to dc right now

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Updated September 28, 2021
2. What is dc short for online and in messages?


Dc is an abbreviation parents often use for "daycare" in online forums, email messages, texts, and social media. For example, a husband may text his wife, "Can you pick up Henry from dc? My meeting is running late."

While many parents of young kids may use dc when messaging, parents may see it online in parenting forums and groups on social media. If you are new to parenting and traversing parenting forums and social media groups, dc is just one of many terms you might encounter. Some other common ones include puks, SAHP, mom shaming, bonus dad, and CIO.


My son had to be picked up early from dc today because he was sick
That's terrible. SAT

Dropping your kids off at dc can be difficult

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Updated June 20, 2023
3. What does DC stand for on TikTok?

Dance credit

TikTokers sometimes include DC in the captions of their videos when giving credit to the original creator of a dance move. For example, when a user posts a video of herself doing a new dance move, she may caption it with, "Obsessed with this. DC: @doeJohn."

TikTokers began using DC in the late-2010s to quickly give props to the original creators of a dance move. As a result, users recognize the acronym as proper etiquette instead of blatantly ripping off content. TikTokers may also use IB instead of DC, which stands for "inspired by."


Check out these moves. DC: @doejane
DC caption in TikTok
DC caption in TikTok

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Updated April 21, 2022

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