What does QOTD mean on Instagram?

Question of the day

QOTD stands for Question of the Day. Instagrammers and other social media users sometimes prepend their posts with QOTD before asking their followers a question, such as "Where do you want to travel next?" or "What's your fave fall drink?"

While some Instagrammers genuinely want to know their followers' answers to QOTDs, others just want to encourage interaction with their account so their posts rank more highly. Brand accounts and Instagram influencers will often ask QOTDs simply to get their followers talking, because people love sharing information about themselves and answering questions.


QOTD: What's your least favorite movie?
An example of a brand account's QOTD, from Twitter
An example of a brand account's QOTD, from Twitter

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Updated September 30, 2020

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