What does QPOC stand for online?

Queer people of color

People of color (POC) that identify as queer (non-hetero, non-cis) may use the QPOC acronym to communicate their identity to others online. They typically use it when messaging online, in web forums, or on social media.

QPOC is one of many acronyms and abbreviations the LGBTQ community coined in the 2010s to help express its diverse identities. You may see it as a noun or as an adjective. For example, a person may post on TikTok that they are a "proud QPOC," or a person may message another person looking for QPOC friends.

While people most often use QPOC to refer to a group of people, they may also use it in reference to one person (queer person of color). For example, "he is the first QPOC I met in my life."


I'm so thankful for my awesome QPOC friends
Me too!
QPOC tweet
QPOC tweet

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Updated July 6, 2022

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