What is a rager?

An intense, large party

A "rager" is a large, intense party that typically involves a large amount of alcohol and/or drugs. Ragers typically involve high school or college students and often end with the police showing up to shut it down.

While ragers may occur anywhere, they most often happen in the evening at a teenager's house when their parents are away. Or, they may be thrown at a fraternity or sorority house near a college campus.

A rager may start as a small gathering that organically grows into a wildfire once the word gets out, spiraling out of the host's control. Or, a rager may be a function engineered to accommodate as wild of a party as possible.


Were you at Steve's rager last week?
No, I was grounded
Ah, man. You missed an epic time!

Rager in the living room

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Updated January 11, 2022

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