What is a dayger?

A daytime rager

A dayger is when a rager occurs during the day instead of nighttime. They are larger and more intense than normal parties due to attendees' excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs. ​

Most daygers happen during the summer when high schoolers and college students are out of school. But they may also occur during the weekend or holidays, like Labor Day or the 4th of July, when most adults don't have to work.

Daygers are usually unplanned and only become large in size when word gets out that there may be unsupervised alcohol and/or drugs available for free. The influx of attendees and their subsequent usage of mentioned drugs and alcohol lead to an intense, out-of-control rager that will most likely require the po-po to break it up.


I hear Ron's having a dayger at his beachside house. You in?
Heck yeah!

Dayger at the pool

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Updated January 11, 2022

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