What does MSM stand for?

Mainstream media

MSM refers to mainstream media, which primarily pertains to newspapers and television networks that influence a large amount of people. It also relates to Internet-based media outlets, which has emerged as a major source of news with the expansion of the Internet.

The MSM term is often used in the criticism of the homogenization of media outlet ownership. Some fear that viewpoints may be brainwashed into consumers' heads and that news coverage may not be fair if it doesn't agree with the media outlet's beliefs. Mainstream media is primarily viewed as showing liberal bias by conservative critics. In America, most media outlets are owned by a small amount of companies, which include Viacom, CBS, Time Warner, Disney, News Corporation, and Comcast.


Did you see what Trump said about Kaepernick?
Yeah, but it's just the MSM trying to get Clinton to be President.
Conservative cartoon criticizing MSM

Conservative cartoon criticizing MSM

MSM Image

MSM means mainstream media

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Updated October 13, 2016

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