What does roofied mean?

Drugged by a person

Roofied is when a person is unsuspectingly drugged by a person. The perpetrator typically places the drug in the victim's drink with the intention of raping her once she passes out.

Roofie may be used as a noun or as a verb. When it's used as a noun, it's referring to the drug that elicits drowsiness and disorientation from the victim. A roofie may be made up of various types of sedatives, but is typically a tablet of flunitrazepam.

When roofie is used as a verb it's referring to the drugging of the victim. When someone roofies a person, he or she places the drug in the person's drink (usually a woman) when she is not looking or in the bathroom.

People are roofied most often at college house parties or bars. The woman may be on a date with the perpetrator or may not even know him or her.


She said she was roofied last night at the pub
OMG, that's awful

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Updated December 2, 2020

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