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1. What does RW stand for?

Real world

RW is an acronym that stands for "real world" as opposed to the online, or virtual, world. It refers to circumstances and consequences that occur in reality instead of simulations or fake outcomes that may occur online.

The acronym is commonly used when confronting a person about their time in the virtual world, whether it be a lot of gaming or social media time. The person may become delusional about the real world because of the ex excessive amount of time they spend online. RW may also be used to refer to the "Real World" MTV reality show.


Life in the RW can be a lot harder than the World of Warcraft

The RW can be tough

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Updated May 24, 2018
2. What does RW stand for?

Relief wins

A baseball statistic that refers to the number of relief wins a relief pitcher has achieved; can only be given to a pitcher who is not the starting pitcher and is judged by the scorer to have been the most effective pitcher or is the pitcher when his team gains the lead and maintains it for the rest of the game.


He has 4 RW in the first 10 games of the season, which is pretty impressive

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Updated July 8, 2015

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