What does ITRW stand for online?

In the real world

ITRW is a quick way to refer to real-world events that don't occur online. People typically use ITRW when messaging online (often when gaming) to refer to non-virtual matters or, to tell someone to "snap out of it" or to "wake up" from their digital-induced coma.

For example, a gamer may message you after a match to confess, "i spend most of my time online bc things are too heavy itrw. this is how i cope." Or, your sister may message you, "u need to spend less time gaming and get back itrw where things actually MATTER" (to which you might reply, "yeah, u r right" or "GALMA").


I know you think you're a full-time blacksmith in Azeroth, but ITRW people have jobs that make real money
The real world is overrated
People often use ITRW online, including when gaming
People often use ITRW online, including when gaming

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Updated March 14, 2024

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