1. What does NRN stand for?

Not right now

NRN stands for "not right now." Friends, co-workers, and family members might use this acronym to tell you they're busy ATM and can't talk now (CTN).

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NRN, sorry I gotta do something first

NRN means "not right now"

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Updated November 10, 2020
2. What does NRN mean in emails?

No reply necessary

If you send an email that does not require a response, end the message with "NRN," which stands for "no reply necessary." You can also send it accompanying text or online messages when you just want to communicate something without a response.

An example of when you might use NRN in an email is sending your boss quarterly financial numbers that don't need any analysis. Or, you might end an email with NRN when letting your kids know the date and time of the family get-together. In a message, you might send, "The movie starts at 8. NRN" when communicating the showtime to a friend who can't reply because he's in a meeting.


So, this is just a memo to let you know about the upcoming events. NRN

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Updated January 19, 2022

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