VSCO Girls

What are VSCO girls?

Preppy female teen Instagrammers

VSCO girls are a group of female teen Instagrammers and TikTok users who are known for wearing scrunchies, wielding Hydro Flasks, and expressing their desire to "save the turtles." They began appearing on Instagram and other apps in 2019, dressed in largely similar oversized t-shirts, crop tops, and Birkenstocks.

The VSCO girl movement was started by teen girls who edited and posted photos to their Instagrams using the VSCO photo-editing app (created by Visual Supply Company). The app's filters made it easy for these teens to portray their lives as "beachy," "effortless," and "laid-back." As the VSCO girl trend grew more popular, a number of female YouTubers began creating "transformation videos" detailing their transformations into VSCO girls. These videos often included the YouTubers' search for VSCO girl-appropriate accessories, including Fjällräven Kanken backpacks, metal straws, and flashy scrunchies.

Because VSCO girls are predominantly white, thin, and affluent, and they've adopted slang (like sksksk and "And I oop") that originated in other online communities, reporters and critics have often called the VSCO girl trend exclusionary. VSCO girls themselves are often mocked as being basic, because they cling so strongly to certain brands and social media trends.


I got my Crocs, my Carmex, and my puka necklace. I'm totes ready to be a VSCO girl

The signature accessories of the VSCO girl

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Updated May 5, 2021

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