What kind of mom is a WAHM?

Work-at-home mom

A WAHM is a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) who holds down a job or runs her own business *in addition to* taking care of her kids. In short, a WAHM is a powerhouse of a lady.

If you know a work-at-home mom, consider this a karmic reminder to do something nice for her. Perhaps you could take the kids off her hands for an afternoon, allowing her to chill for a bit.

In addition to WAHMS and SAHMs, there are SAHDs and WAHDs. While they deserve respect, too, they are not as common.


Her husband works at the office, and she's a WAHM who runs her own business
Wow. Impressive!
WAHMs often have unruly "co-workers," but a short line for coffee
WAHMs often have unruly "co-workers," but a short line for coffee

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Updated March 27, 2023

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