Walmart Mom

What is a Walmart mom?

A mother who shops at Walmart and votes Republican

A Walmart mom is a working-class, white mother who shops at Walmart to save money on food, clothing, and other items. These mothers' political views tend to align with the Republican party. Thus, news outlets and pollsters may mention Walmart moms while discussing Republican voters.

Walmart moms' main political concerns tend to be the economy, illegal immigration, and rising insurance costs. To officially be considered a Walmart mom, according to political scientists' definition of the term, a mother must a) identify as a Republican and b) have shopped at Walmart in the past month.


She is a good candidate for a southern state because she is very likable among NASCAR dads and Walmart moms
Walmart moms have a unique style and outlook
Walmart moms have a unique style and outlook

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Updated January 5, 2023

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