Soft Launch

What is a soft launch in dating?

Teasing a new relationship on social media

In dating, a soft launch is when you tease you have a new SO on social media without revealing their name or appearance. For example, you might soft launch a new BF by posting a close-up of the two of you holding hands, with only your hands visible.

Soft launching a relationship allows people to reveal that they're dating without blowing up their new BAE's account. That way, if things don't work out, the new SOs can call their fledgling relationship off with less drama. (On the flip side, soft launching also gives those who crave attention a chance to maximize their friends and family's hype, by drawing out the reveal of their new SO.)

The term soft launch comes from the business world, in which businesses often open for a day or two before their official grand opening. This soft launch allows a business to preview its offerings and ensure its processes are up to snuff before opening frl, and inviting the public's full attention.


So when are you and Ram gonna make it Insta official?
We're in the soft launch phase right now; he's nervous about taking things too fast

A man who soft launches all his ships

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Updated April 20, 2023

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