Soft Life

What is the soft life trend?

Lifestyle that prioritizes joy and reduces stress

Soft life is a way of living that focuses on experiences that provide joy instead of getting caught up in the "rat race" of accumulating wealth. It has become a lifestyle choice for many Gen Zers, who have propelled it to become a trend on social sites like TikTok.

Living a soft life may manifest differently for different people. For example, some live a soft life that's full of extravagant vacations and material things. While others live a soft life by prioritizing self-care, like regularly seeing a therapist and choosing to take a weekend off instead of working overtime on a work project.

Origin of soft life

The slang term "soft life" originated from the female Nigerian influencer community. Women in this community looked to form a new lifestyle that rejected the struggle of a 24/7 work life and prioritized more joy. It then became a trend on social media in the early 2020s, mainly on TikTok, as many Gen Zers adopted the lifestyle.


The soft life looks incredibly appealing, but I'm torn because I've been conditioned to be a hard worker my whole life
Agreed. I feel like a slacker whenever I take work off
People love to share their soft life tips on social media, including TikTok
People love to share their soft life tips on social media, including TikTok

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Updated May 3, 2023

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