Soft Parenting

What does soft parenting mean?

Friendly parenting

Soft parenting is a term for the parenting technique that involves more focus on a child's feelings and fewer rules or guidelines. It is a controversial parenting choice where critics think it "babies" the children, while others believe that it fosters more trust and emotional growth in kids.

Strong critics of the technique are typically older and grew up in a "tough love" generation where showing emotions is a sign of weakness. They think parents should be more authority figures than friends. They also believe that soft parenting breeds snowflake kids.

The fans of soft parenting are usually younger and are more attentive to their children's emotions. They think parents should be more like friends than authority figures.

Most experts agree that best parenting technique involves a blend of loving support and discipline. Soft parenting may also be called "permissive parenting."


You are only going to baby him with your soft parenting
Soft Parenting means
Soft Parenting means Friendly parenting

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Updated October 16, 2017

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