Spicy Pillow

What is a spicy pillow?

Swollen lithium-ion battery

Techies sometimes refer to swollen lithium-ion batteries as spicy pillows. If you've ever seen a swollen lithium-ion battery, you'll understand why. (It looks just like a pillow, if a pillow was full of toxic metal and flammable gas.)

Laptop, smartphone, tablet, eBike, and other lithium-ion batteries can all become spicy pillows, due to age, damage, or defects. If you happen upon a spicy pillow, it's best to stop charging the device that uses that battery and replace the battery as soon as possible. Then, recycle your spicy pillow at a recycling center that accepts lithium-ion batteries.


Came home to find that my MacBook's battery has gone full spicy pillow
Oh no! Hopefully they'll replace it for you
An example of a (very) spicy pillow
An example of a (very) spicy pillow

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Updated August 24, 2023

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