What does bricked mean in technology?

Rendered unusable

When someone says their smartphone, tablet, computer, or gaming console is bricked, they mean it does not function. Typically, a bricked piece of tech won't even turn on, making it no better than a very expensive paperweight (or "brick").

Sometimes, tech becomes bricked through no fault of its owner. For example, a failed firmware update can brick a device, as can an issue with the device's charging system. However, some users may brick their devices themselves, while attempting to install custom firmware or jailbreak a device.

Other meanings of bricked

In basketball, a brick is an ugly shot that bounces right off the rim or backboard, with no chance of going in. A player who just threw up a brick can be said to have "bricked."


Finally managed to brick my phone by dropping it one too many times. It won't even turn on
There are many ways to brick a device
There are many ways to brick a device

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Updated February 9, 2023

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