What does stee mean in sports?


An athlete competing with "stee" is competing with style and ease. They may be skaters or snowboarders nailing tricks in a halfpipe, surfers riding waves, skiers performing aerials, etc.

Stee is an abbreviated version of "steeze," which is a combination of "style" and "ease." Both steeze and steezy (the adjective version) became popular in the skateboarding community in the mid-2000s and eventually merged into the larger public's lexicon in the 2010s.

Athletes then took the abbreviation one step further in the late-2010s by removing the "ze" (or "zy"). Mind-blowing stuff.

You will most likely see and hear people use stee in the realm of sports, especially during the Olympics, mainly among extreme sports athletes such as snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders. However, you may also hear or see it used in other sports and possibly everyday life when someone exhibits an extreme sense of coolness.


Shaun White just pulled off a backside double cork 1080 rewind with stee. Wow!

Snowboarder with major stee

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Updated February 1, 2022

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