Stealth Wealth

What is stealth wealth?

Expensive yet modest items

When rich people purchase items that look modest but are actually quite expensive, they're engaging in the practice of stealth wealth. Most often, this phrase is used in relation to clothing, to describe an aesthetic in which a wealthy person's clothing appears plain, simple, and thus inexpensive, but actually costs a lot of money.

Origin of stealth wealth

The phrase stealth wealth dates back to at least the early 1990s, when the United States suffered a major recession and, in response, the rich scaled back on flaunting their wealth. The term popped up again during the 2008 global recession but didn't go viral until the early 2020s - thanks to the $600 stealth wealth baseball cap Kendall Roy wore in HBO's Succession.


Man, you'd barely know Joe came into a lot of money
He's going for a stealth wealth vibe. Those shoes he was wearing Sunday? $1,600
Get outta town
A use (and example) of stealth wealth on Twitter
A use (and example) of stealth wealth on Twitter

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Updated August 18, 2023

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