What does SWL stand for?

Screaming with laughter

SWL is when you laugh so hard you start to scream. Most people use it online or in text messages to react to something hilarious.

There are many acronyms and abbreviations for reacting to funny things. Some examples include LOL, haha, and lulz. Because there so many options, you should only use SWL when something is super funny.

Examples of when you would use SWL include a hilarious viral video that catches you off guard, or it may be an inside joke that directly tickles your funny bone. You may not actually scream with laughter, but it's funny enough to make you think about screaming with laughter.


My kids are SWL in the pool right now!
Nicholas Cage is all about SWL
Nicholas Cage is all about SWL

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Updated June 16, 2021

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