What does NFC stand for?

National Football Conference

NFC is an acronym for the National Football Conference. It is one of the two conferences (with the AFC) that make up the NFL, the most popular sporting organization in the United States.

The conference contains 16 of the 32 football teams, the AFC holds the other 16 teams. It was created in 1970 and consists of the East, West, North, and South divisions. The winner of the conference plays the winner of the AFC in the Super Bowl in the playoffs to crown the champion.


Who do you think the best team in the NFC is this season?
Not sure, all I know is that it's definitely tougher than the AFC this year
The NFC teams are the 16 under the blue "N"
The NFC teams are the 16 under the blue "N"

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Updated January 23, 2017

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