What is thundersnow?

A snowy thunderstorm

Thundersnow is a weather phenomenon where a thunderstorm includes snow. It is rare because it requires cold enough temperatures to create snow, but the air must also be warm enough to make thunder (and lightning).

You will likely only encounter thundersnow if you live in an area that gets cold enough to snow, such as the northern half of the U.S. Although some southern states, such as Texas and Louisiana, have also experienced thundersnows.

Additionally, thundersnows often happen during seasonal shifts, such as fall to winter or winter to spring, when there is a clash of cold and warm air. However, thundersnows may still occur in the winter, especially during blizzards, bomb cyclones, and nor'easters.


Did you hear the thundersnow yesterday?
I did! I was shoveling, and it freaked me out!

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Updated January 19, 2023

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