What does tilted mean in online gaming?


A player who is tilted is angry and, as a result, making game mistakes. These days, poker players most commonly use the term tilted, to describe players who are playing sloppily because they're salty about previous losses. However, tilted originated among pinball players.

What is the origin of tilted?

Back in the day, pinball players could tilt machines to alter a ball's path. However, most modern pinball machines include a tilt sensor that freezes the machine when a player tilts it. Because tilting a machine now causes a player to forfeit their current ball, players tend to tilt machines only when they are especially angry, as a way of expressing their rage.

Pinball players describe their tilt-prone fellows as being tilted or "on tilt." Both of these slang terms have since migrated from the pinball scene to poker, MTG, and other competitive, rage-inducing games.


I hope he doesn't get tilted after losing that last game
An anti-tilt mindset
An anti-tilt mindset

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Updated February 15, 2022

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