What does TMG stand for?

That's my girl

When you want to brag about your daughter, sister, girlfriend, etc., you can send "TMG," which stands for "that's my girl." Most people send it when praising a person for their performance, whether it be getting 100% on a test, receiving an award, landing a hilarious burn, or standing up to a bully.

You will most likely see TMG in texts or online messages. However, you may also see it in posts on social sites, like Twitter or Facebook, about how proud a person is of someone.

For example, a dad may text a pic of his daughter in her graduation gown to another family captioned with "TMG! So proud of her!" Or, an Adele stan may tweet "TMG" alongside a pic of Adele rocking a dress on the red carpet.


Congratulations on getting such good grades last semester - TMG!

Proud TMG moment

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Updated February 28, 2022

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