1. What does TOH stand for?

Typing one-handed

A common way to text someone; may be used to explain why your response is a bit slow; may also be used in online chat when a person is eating or drinking with the other hand.


Sorry my responses are a little slow. TOH right now

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Updated February 13, 2015
2. What does TOH stand for?

The other half

TOH stands for "the other half." People in long-term relationships might use this acronym to refer to their wife, husband, or partner.

In this context, "other half" refers to a person's significant other, who is now so integral to the person's life that they make the person feel "completed." If someone tells you about TOH, their relationship's likely pretty serious.


I'm gonna do some home improvement this weekend while TOH takes the kids to the zoo
Make sure he checks out the penguins!

A Bachelorette contestant who has found TOH

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Updated November 6, 2020

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