What does WPM mean in regards to typing?

Words per minute

WPM represents the number of words a person can type per minute, typically on a computer. People often use WPM to refer to their typing speed, whether on résumés or in friendly office competitions.

For example, you may boast to your colleagues in a message that you have the highest WPM, and a competition ensues to settle the debate. Or, you may apply for a professional assistant position and put "100 WPM" on your résumé.

While people primarily use WPM to refer to computer keyboard typing speed, they may also refer to typing speed on other devices, like a smartphone or tablet touchscreen. Typically, typing speeds are higher on a computer keyboard unless you are a female tween.


Sry it took me awhile to reply. My WPM is not too fast on my iPhone
Np, I'm so slow that I usually use speech-to-text

Bruce Almighty with lightning-fast typing skills

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Updated August 25, 2023

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