What does topdeck mean?

To draw from your deck

Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Hearthstone, and other CCG players use topdeck to refer to a player drawing a card from their deck. Most often, players use topdeck when they hope to draw (or have just drawn) a specific card from their deck.

For example, an MTG player who has reduced their opponent's life total to three, has no cards on board, and no other cards in hand may hope to "topdeck a Lightning Bolt," to deal the final lethal damage to their opponent.

Players also often use topdeck while complaining about an opponent's "lucky" draws. For example, you might hear a player exclaim "I can't believe she topdecked that!" when their opponent has drawn a much-needed card.


Come on, let me topdeck a counterspell one time!
A good MTG topdeck story from Reddit
A good MTG topdeck story from Reddit

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Updated December 2, 2021

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