What does ammosexual mean?

A person who loves guns

Most often, you'll see ammosexual used by those who dislike guns, to deride gun enthusiasts' "crazy love" for their firearms. Some gun enthusiasts, however, have embraced the term ammosexual and use it to describe themselves.

In both groups' minds, the typical ammosexual is a person who owns multiple guns, loves to go shooting, enjoys discussing firearms, and will zealously defend their own and others' right to own guns. Where the groups differ is in their opinion of whether these actions are ridiculous or acceptable.

Gun lovers who use the term ammosexual sometimes compare the term to homosexual and bisexual. For example, you may see a gun lover wearing a shirt that says "I'm ammosexual; it wasn't a choice." That gun lover likely has a dim view of non-heteronormative people and relationships.


My GF's dad is a total ammosexual. He keeps asking me if I want to go out and shoot with him, even though I keep saying no
A use of ammosexual on Twitter
A use of ammosexual on Twitter

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Updated November 23, 2022

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