Touch Grass

What does touch grass mean?

Return to reality

When someone needs to touch grass, they need to get off the Internet and return to reality. It is another way to say, go offline, get outside (touch real grass if need be), and connect back with the real world.

Origin of touch grass

The original poster of "touch grass" is unclear, but its origins date back to at least 2019. It then gained significant popularity on Twitter in 2021.

How do people use touch grass?

Most people use touch grass as an insult or wake-up call to people who are acting dangerous or weird and need to decompress from their online activities. For example, if an aggressive Twitter user is harassing people, you might tell them, "Chill out and touch grass."


This griefer started going off on everyone so I told him to touch grass.
Social media is the worst.
Touch grass tweet

Touch grass tweet

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Updated November 30, 2022

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