What is tourney short for?


Players, fans, and commentators may refer to a tournament as a tourney. This abbreviation caught on because a) tournament is a long word and b) tourney is fun to say.

A tournament, of course, is a series of competitions between athletes or other challengers competing for a prize. Tourney can be used to refer to any type of tournament, including sports tournaments (such as the NCAA's March Madness), online gaming tournaments, and even spelling bees.

In ye olden days, tourney was also used as a verb, which meant "to compete in a tournament." While almost no one uses tourney this way anymore, more people definitely should. (So please start doing so immediately.)


Are you going to enter the upcoming StarCraft 2 tourney?
A group of athletes relaxing before a big tourney
A group of athletes relaxing before a big tourney

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Updated July 2, 2021

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