1. What does TTMN mean in a text message?

Talk to me now

TTMN is an acronym that stands for "talk to me now." It is most often used when texting or messaging online. The acronym is typically reserved for urgent matters when a person cannot wait until later to talk.

TTMN is often used by teenage girls who need to spill the tea about someone or something and will "die" if they hold it in for too long. And they can't text the information, they need to talk either over the phone or in person.

The acronym is often used to rebuke a TTYL sent by the other person who is already pre-occupied. Since it is a very forward and demanding acronym, it may come across as rude to some recipients.


Busy right now, ttyl?

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Updated February 20, 2020
2. What does TTMN stand for?

Talk to me nice

Someone who wants to hear some compliments or good news may send you TTMN (talk to me nice). You can also use this acronym to ask someone to speak to you more respectfully.

For example, if your SO had a bad day, they may send "TTMN, I need it" in hopes of receiving some sweet talk in return. Or, if you've just texted something disrespectful to your mother, she may send "TTMN" as a reminder that you should watch your mouth (or in this case, thumbs).


TTMN, boy, or you'll be grounded for the next month.

A man who is about to send TTMN

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Updated March 11, 2022

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