2. What does PTO stand for in messages?

Pass this on

PTO stands for "pass this on," which is another way to tell someone to share what you are sending them with others. You will likely see PTO in messages online or in texts (not to be confused with the more common "paid time off" meaning).

For example, if you have an announcement to make but don't have every family member's phone number, you might text some of your family members, "I'm engaged, and the wedding will be on September 19th! Please PTO to the rest of the family. Thx!" Or, you may have an embarrassing picture of your friend and send it in an online message to your close friends with the caption, "PTO to everyone you know. ;-)" People may also use PIO instead of PTO.


PTO - The meeting tonight has been canceled because of the weather
SG. Thx!

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Updated March 20, 2023
3. What does PTO mean in regards to encouraging people?

Positive Talk Only

PTO is an acronym that means positive talk only, which encourages people to think and talk positively instead of negatively. People may use it online, especially on social sites or in chat rooms, and in real life (IRL).

The acronym aims to direct people toward speech that builds up or encourages people instead of tearing them down. For example, people may use it in group settings when sharing sensitive information, such as a class or therapy session.

People may also use PTO to encourage themselves to think more positively. For example, they may employ this tactic to change their outlook on life to a more affirming, "can do" attitude.


Just a reminder, this room adheres to PTO, so think before you speak, please
A PTO journal can help manifest positivity
A PTO journal can help manifest positivity

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Updated March 21, 2023

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