What does MMB stand for in messages?

Message me back

If time is sensitive and you need a quick reply from someone, you can send them "MMB," which stands for "message me back." It is similar to WMB, and people primarily use it when messaging.

For example, when excited about a job promotion, you might text your partner, "I got the job!, MMB!" Or, your crush may have just asked you out, and you message your bestie, "DeShaun just asked me to dinner. MMB. Imma explode!"

Most instances of MMB are when a person is crunched for time. For example, there may be a window closing for purchasing tickets for an event, getting food orders, or an impromptu road trip. However, some people may use it just to communicate who they would like to receive a reply (e.g., by message instead of phone).


I have huge news. MMB as soon as you get this msg!
I got 2 tix to T Swift this Friday!!! Wanna go?
OMG! Yes!!
People often send MMB when they urgently want a reply
People often send MMB when they urgently want a reply

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Updated May 2, 2023

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