What does twinking mean in MMORPGs?

Equipping a low-level character with high-level items

In MMORPGs, twinking is when a high-level character helps out a low-level character by gifting them powerful equipment and items. This turns the low-level character into a twink.

Typically, twinking takes the form of an experienced player "trading" high-level items to a noob friend, to make it easier for the noob to play and enjoy a game. However, experienced players also sometimes twink their own alts, by trading items from their main to an alt.

Is twinking contentious?

Some players find twinking contentious, as it allows new characters to "cheat" their way into becoming stronger than they should be in the early stages of a game. In PvP games, especially, twinking can prove problematic - because players may be forced into combat with others who are the same level as them but much more powerful.


I love twinking my alts for the lower level battlegrounds
A WoW player inquiring about twinking
A WoW player inquiring about twinking

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Updated March 1, 2022

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