What does FTLOG stand for?

For the love of God

People use FTLOG (for the love of God) to emphasize their feelings of frustration, excitement, exasperation, and/or passion. You're most likely to encounter this acronym on social media or in text or chat messages, when someone's feeling some strong feels.

Often, people use FTLOG when asking others to a) stop doing something annoying or b) start doing something awesome. While FTLOG technically invokes a higher power (who will definitely love you if you do what FTLOG's sender tells you to do), it's used by both religious and non-religious people. When non-religious people use FTLOG, they really mean FTLOM (for the love of me).


FTLOG, please stop insulting your brother! He gets enough of that at school
A Twitter user asking you to plz, FTLOG, watch Stutz
A Twitter user asking you to plz, FTLOG, watch Stutz

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Updated November 17, 2022

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