What does ULPP mean?

Unluckiest person on the planet

Have you ever felt like you are the unluckiest person on the planet? If so, you might classify yourself as a "ULPP" (opposite of LUPP).

People may use ULPP in various contexts, including messages (e.g., texts and DMs) and gaming online. For example, if you are racing Rainbow Road in Mario Kart and get hit by a leader shell right before the finish line, you might lament, "omg. im the ulpp!" to another gamer." Or, your last four house projects may have involved disastrous contractors and maintenance professionals, and you text your friend, "I think I'm giving up on home ownership. I'm the ULPP!!"


wow, how do I spawn in the worst possible location every time? I'm the ulpp 2day
me 2. i keep getting sniped before i get the body armor

That ULPP feeling

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Updated November 27, 2023

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