Ul has 2 meanings
1. What does ul mean online?


Ul is an abbreviation for "upload," which is information (typically a file) sent from your device to another over a network. For example, you may refer to the document you uploaded to your online storage space as a ul.

While you will often see people use ul as a noun, they may also use it as a verb to refer to the action of uploading information, like when you are attaching a short home video to your email message to send it to a friend.

Ul is the opposite of dl, which is when you download information from one device to your device over the Internet. Most Internet users will upload and download information daily. Typically, ul speeds are slower than dl speeds.

For example, you may upload a picture of your dog to Instagram or a screenshot of an error message on your computer to a web forum. Or, if you work remotely, you may upload documents to a secure server.


I'll ul my photos to the web tomorrow.
Cool. Looking forward to seeing your vacay!

Ul progress bar

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Updated January 16, 2023
2. What is ul short for?


An abbreviation that can be used after the completion of a multiplayer game, or in online conversations to refer to someone who was unlucky.


I thought I was going to win, but I was really ul.

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Updated April 21, 2014

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