WT has 2 meanings
1. What does WT mean in online gaming?

Wrong target

When a gamer tells you WT, it means you've selected the "wrong target." You're most likely to encounter this acronym during battles, when a player on your team wants you to attack, buff, or debuff a different target.

In some cases, selecting the WT is no big deal, and you can easily fix your mistake by switching to the correct target. However, some battles are so intense and complicated that choosing the WT for even a second can doom your team to defeat. In those cases, expect your team to gripe about your mix-up, especially if you're playing with a bunch of tryhards.


Sorry, swtchn

A man who chose the WT

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Updated July 14, 2021
2. What does WT stand for?

What the

An abbreviated acronym used to express frustration; can be left open-ended like, "what the...," or may precede some derogatory term as in WTF or WTH; sometimes used in online gaming after a loss.


WT...? How did he beat me so fast?

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Updated May 13, 2014

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