What does FTL stand for when gaming?

For the loss

When a gamer is about to lose a match, they may message "FTL," which stands for "for the loss." People may also use it to comment on a depressing situation, like an embarrassing confession or fail.

FTL is a sarcastic counterstatement to FTW and the preface to the more grandiose FTEL. Typically, people use FTL to be funny, almost like celebrating a soon-to-be-loss.

For example, if a gamer knows this is their last move before being defeated, they might message, "Sending my last squadron FTL!" Or, if a person is using FTL to comment on an embarrassing political gaffe, they might tweet, "POTUS FTL!"


I'm switching to my handgun and coming after you FTL

FTL is a bummer

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Updated October 17, 2022

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