What is kys short for?

Kill yourself

Kys is short for "Kill yourself," which may be used seriously or jokingly to tell a person to end their life. It is a variation of "kms" and is typically used when texting or chatting online.

When the term is used in a joking manner it is usually in reaction to the person sharing something incredibly embarrassing that he or she said or did. This abbreviation is only used among close friends that know it is meant to be a joke.

If used in a serious manner, it could have damaging effects on the recipient. This is considered cyberbullying and should be reported when it happens on social media, on forums, and in chatrooms.


I just tripped and spilled coffee all over my blouse
Wow, you should prolly kys
A joking use of kys on Twitter
A joking use of kys on Twitter

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Updated October 16, 2020

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