Revenge Travel

What is revenge travel?

Traveling done to spite COVID-19

Vacationers traveling post-COVID lockdown may call their trip "revenge travel." In these travelers' minds, their vacays are a form of revenge on the novel coronavirus, which prevented most people from traveling for multiple years.

What is the origin of revenge travel?

While who coined the phrase revenge travel is unclear, it first began appearing on social media and in news articles in late 2020 and early 2021, as users and pundits began theorizing about the post-COVID travel landscape. For example, a July 29, 2020 The Washington Post article included revenge travel in its title.

In 2022, discussion of revenge travel surged (pun intended), as more people began feeling comfortable traveling for vacations. Some travelers set out on rescheduled trips that had been preempted by COVID-19, while others planned new vacations that they'd researched and decided to go on during lockdown.


I've got so many revenge travel trips planned for the next few years. First up: Japan
A New York boat charter company hoping to entice revenge travelers
A New York boat charter company hoping to entice revenge travelers

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Updated July 31, 2022

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