OOT has 2 meanings
1. What does OOT stand for?

Out of town

When someone says they're going OOT, it means they'll be "out of town." This acronym is a simple way to let someone know you're going away for a while.

OOT is one of many "out of" acronyms, including OOO (out of office) and OOH (out of here). You can see even more OOcronyms in the Related Slang section below.


Can we meet on Friday night?
Sorry, I'm OOT this weekend

A man who wants you to get OOT

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Updated September 22, 2021
2. What does OOT stand for in online forums?

Out of topic

In online forums, people use OOT to state that a post is "out of topic." This means the post is inappropriate for the current thread or discussion board, and so should be moved, disregarded, or deleted.

For example, if you are discussing the MCU in a politics-free forum, and another user posts about an upcoming IRL election, others may tell that user their post is OOT. You may also see a moderator delete the user's post, for breaking the forum's rules.

In other instances, you may see people use OOT to describe their own post, when they know that post is off-topic. For example, in that same MCU-focused forum, a user may post "I know this is OOT, but what do you all think of the upcoming DCU movies?"


This post is OOT and should be moved to another forum

A woman who thinks nothing is OOT

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Updated August 15, 2023

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