UR has 3 meanings
1. What is ur short for?


Ur friends, co-workers, and family members may use "ur" to stand for "your." Those same people may also use ur to stand for "you are," so it's not entirely ur fault that this abbreviation confused u.

Your is English's second-person possessive adjective, which denotes that the person you are talking to owns something. So, for example, when used to describe ur homework, ur heartbreak, and ur horses, ur means "your," and it denotes that you own some homework, heartbreak, and horses.

However, when used to describe the person ur talking to's actions, ur means "you are." For example, ur reading this sentence right now. English can be quite a confusing language, but don't worry. Ur initiative shows that ur sure to get the hang of it.


Did you remember to bring ur earplugs on the trip?

And as you now know, ur can mean either

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Updated April 12, 2022
2. What does UR stand for?

You are

UR sometimes stands for "you are." For example, because UR reading this definition right now, UR the greatest.

In some contexts, UR instead stands for "your." For example, UR mother might tell you UR the best when texting you on UR phone. If you read that sentence effortlessly, don't worry - UR all set to read UR correctly, no matter the context.


Thank you for listening to me rant the other night, UR the best

No, UR!

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Updated November 12, 2020
3. What does UR stand for?

Unearned runs

A baseball acronym used to keep track of the unearned runs a pitcher has allowed.

An unearned run is a run that is scored by way of a fielder's error and judged that it would not have scored without the error. The error could be a muffed foul ball during the player's at bat, an error that prolongs a runner's time on base, or an error that advances the runner.


The defense plays pretty poorly behind him as he has 15 UR so far this season

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Updated July 29, 2015

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