What is vax short for?


Vaccination, or vaccine, is commonly abbreviated as "vax," especially when used online and in text messages. It is often used to refer to one of the covid vaccinations from 2021.

Where does vax come from?

While vax's origins are unclear, the abbreviation most likely traces back to the early-2000s, when the anti-vaccination movement gained steam. Instead of typing out or saying "vaccination," people began shortening the word to "vacc" or "vax" as they talked about the dangers (real and imagined) of vaccines. Since "vax" is the easiest "vaccination" abbreviation to type, it grew in popularity as Internet and smartphone usage increased.

Popular instances when vax is used

Most popularly, people use vax to refer to the covid vaccines developed and distributed in 2021. Examples of rona vax types include Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna.

Many people use the abbreviation online, especially on social media, to support or decry the covid vaccines' distribution. A person who brags about receiving their vax may be labeled a "vaxhole."

Another popular use of the abbreviation is in the form of "anti-vaxxers," which are people who are against vaccinations because they believe they cause autism and even death. The vaccinations they oppose may be for covid, Hepatitis B, influenza, polio, etc.


Can't wait to get my 2nd dose of the covid vax on Tuesday!!
Vax tweet
Vax tweet

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Updated August 5, 2021

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