What does w007 mean?


W007 is the l33t way of saying "woot" that means "woohoo!" or "Yay!" Most people use it when excited, like finding out they passed an exam or won a hard-fought match online.

Where did w007 come from?

The w007 spelling is l33t, which is a language variation used online, commonly by hackers and gamers. In leetspeak, letters are replaced by numbers and symbols that resemble their appearance (007 replaces "oot"). The language comes from bulletin board system (BBS) users in the 1980s who needed to covertly discuss forbidden topics.

The origins of woot, which w007 refers to, are unclear. However, some believe it traces back to the abbreviation of the "wow, loot!" phrase or "wondrous loot" phrase in Dungeons and Dragons (DND) and other video games.

Another possible origin is the "Whoot, there it is" hip hop phrase from the early-1990s. Or, it may have come from the "WOOT" acronym, which stands for "We Owned (the) Other Team."

How is w007 used?

You will most often see w007 used online by hackers and gamers. However, you might also see it in text messages and emails. Instead of w007, you might also encounter it spelled as "w00t," "w00+," or "wewt."


Just found out Brian passed his test and is graduating!

That w007 feeling

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Updated September 21, 2021

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