1. What does woot mean?


Woot is another way of saying "Yes!" or "Alright!" Most people use it when excited, like when they win a match online or find out they will get free ice cream.

Where did woot come from?

The origins of woot are unclear. Some believe it traces back to the "wow, loot!" and "wondrous loot" phrases from Dungeons and Dragons (DND) in the 1980s and other video games.

Others believe it is a direct descendant from the "Whoot, there it is" hip hop phrase from the early-1990s. And a smaller portion of people believes that it comes from the "WOOT" acronym that stands for "We Owned (the) Other Team."

How is woot used?

You will most often see woot online when messaging and when gaming. You might also see it used in text messages or hear it uttered in real life.

People commonly say, "woot woot!" Or, they spell "woot" as "w00t" and "wewt," which is the leet variation used by hackers to change the spelling of words slightly.


Our team just scored again! Woot woot!

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Updated September 21, 2021
2. What does Woot stand for?

We own the other team

Used primarily in online gaming, typically when talking with your teammates after beating another team.


Nice job, that was a great win guys! WOOT!

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Updated January 13, 2014
3. What does WOOT stand for in forum posts?

Way out of topic

In forums, people use WOOT (way out of topic) to signal that their own or someone else's post is incredibly off-topic. For example, you might see a user start a sentence with WOOT:, when the thought that follows is way off-topic. Or, you might see a poster say "that's great, but it's WOOT," when they think another user's post has derailed a discussion.

WOOT is an expansion of OT, used in more extreme situations. However, people no longer use WOOT frequently, likely because it can be confused with other, more popular versions of woot (many of which are listed on this page).


OK, now this discussion has gotten WOOT ... let's get back to the subject at hand.

MRW a convo goes WOOT

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Updated November 20, 2022
4. What does Woot stand for?

Waste of our time

When working on something with another person that seems pointless and a waste of your time, you might describe it as "WOOT," which stands for "waste of our time." For example, if you think shoveling the snow from your driveway before it's supposed to melt is pointless, you might text your mom, "Why do we have to do this? WOOT."

Most people who use WOOT will complain about something they don't deem as worthwhile (teenagers often come to mind). Examples of WOOT candidates include cleaning, homework, attending a distant relative's birthday party, and watering a lawn before it's supposed to rain.

Remember that people also commonly use "woot" as an expression of excitement, which is vastly different than the exasperated WOOT acronym.


I think the Biology reading we are assigned is just a woot.

An incredible WOOT is an impressive feat

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Updated May 10, 2022
5. What is woot short for?

Wonderful loot

Used in online role-playing games such as Everquest and World or Warcraft. Typically refers to gold, weapons, armor, or other items.


I totally want the woot from that dungeon!

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Updated November 6, 2013

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